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Asssessment Procedures

Assessment procedures are accomplished through a combination of individual and group consultations, along with the implementation of assessment tools. Variations of this approach are implemented based on the individual situation and the needs of the organization.

Client Feedback

Feedback from the various methods used to gather information is presented in a non threatening manner to the executive or group with the goal of designing a strategic action plan that addresses the developmental  issues that have been highlighted. Only a few key issues are pursued in the action plan thus ensuring accurate on-target coaching.

Personal and Corporate Strategic Planning

Action plans are then implemented that dovetail with both the needs of the corporation and the executive's needs. Contractual commitments are made by both parties designed to address these needs. Individuals are coached using their own business settings to both develop their personal growth and promote the visions of the organizations in which they work.

Coaching and Follow Up

In order to ensure that the targeted learning takes place, follow up phone consultations are inherent  in the action plan.  The insights gleaned from assessment processes are only the awareness phase of an executive's development.  True behavioral change will only take place with consistent coaching and personal commitments.



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